Our Philosophy

We are committed to offering customers the highest quality products and services possible. Chemical Dynamic’s slogan is “Our Business Is To Help You Grow.” To help our customers grow both their crops and businesses, we employ Certified Crop Advisers as our representatives. Through our consultative selling strategy, we identify, advise, and help our customers meet their plant nutrient needs. Our goal is to practice social responsibility as we recommend fertilizer products and applications that meet the needs of our customers in an environmentally conscious manner. We strive to serve our customers by being a value-added leader in the fertilizer industry and providing high quality products and services at competitive prices.

Our Culture

Chemical Dynamics has provided liquid fertilizer and crop consultative services for over 40 years.  Central to our business culture is the belief that every customer, business partner and employee be treated with respect and dignity. Those beliefs are demonstrated by awareness that our corporate culture must be visible in both our words and actions to reach the shared goals of our customers and employees.